Be part of a relevant ecosystem focused on industrial biotechnology

DSM is highly dedicated to contributing to a more sustainable economy and society. Already for 150 years, DSM in Delft (previously Gist Brocades and Nederlandsche Gist en Spiritus Fabriek) has been a front runner in biotechnological innovations with global impact. The board of DSM has given its commitment to open its site in Delft for third parties active in biotechnology, and to share its knowledge and infrastructure to create an open innovation campus.

The DSM Biotechnology Centre at the Biotech Campus Delft houses over 400 scientists with expertise in all areas of Biotechnology. Ranging from bioinformatics, analytics, fermentation, downstream processing and application. Collaborations and mentoring between Planet B.io and DSM scientists is actively promoted. Moreover, DSM can offer valuable commercial support and business opportunities.