FUL Foods


FUL is a Netherlands-based food tech startup founded by three friends determined to unlock the incredible power of microalgae, to make products that breathe life back into not just you but the whole world.

Over the years, the magic of Spirulina – and (micro) algae in general – has made it a staple ingredient in the vitamin and supplement aisle, but FUL has added one more miracle to the story of microalgae...we’ve found a way to make it taste great through cutting edge innovation. Since then we’ve developed a passion (bordering on obsession) for unlocking the potential of the tiny superhero.

FUL® comes from Spirulina, a blue-green algae long embraced as a powerful source of nutrition. Before FUL® found its way into your refreshing drink, its ancestors helped give rise to life on earth billions of years ago.

FUL® has been pioneered by a team of leading food scientists and passionate climate supporters who have figured out a highly sustainable process to extract Spirulina's rich nutrients... without the *strong* taste.

True to its life-enabling roots, FUL® belongs to a new category of food - “climate positive.” We consider the climate to encompass the earth and its life forms, which we strive to proactively benefit through FUL®'s product properties and the way it is produced.