Creating the Infrastructure & Regulation for a Sustainable Biofuture

We are living in extraordinary times, and we have been for the better part of last 200 years. Thanks to bio-based innovations such as vaccinations, sanitation and modern agriculture we have been able to eradicate diseases, improve our life expectancy and feed a growing population.

We have gotten so good at it this, that until very recently many of us have taken it for granted and forgotten the biological systems that we live with in and depend upon. Now more than ever we have the opportunity to reflect upon the role of biology in our society and how we can work with it to face global challenges in health, food and water and create a more sustainable biofuture.

How do we create the Infrastructure & Regulation for a Sustainable Biofuture in the EU?

Cindy Gerhardt, director of Planet, joins the discussion as a key opinion leader in European synthetic biology & biotechnology to gather inspiration to progress towards these shared goals.

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