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Horticulture meets Biotech on 13 February

Waste does not exist. Take horticultural residual flows. There are applications where they are really valuable, in biotechnology for example.

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DAB inspiration

DAB work hard to accelerate to a greener future!

DAB told us, during an inspirational session, how they work hard to accelerate to a greener future! The reverse effects on our climate drive the demand for non-fossil based chemicals and...

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Christmas 2019

Happy holidays!

We wish you a happy holiday season and all the best for 2020. Let's work together to bring new biotech solutions to this planet!

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Christmas breakfast at

It was a very atmospheric morning at PlanetB. io. During a delicious Christmas breakfast, we celebrated with all residents the major steps each company has taken this year.

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Sustainable produced meat one step closer

The startup Meatable raised an additional $10 million in seed funding, will be used to accelerate the development of their technology toward their first cultivated pork prototype planned for summer...

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