Artificial Intelligence for Bioscience Webinars

On April 12 & 13, Artificial Intelligence Lab for Bioscience ( organizes five webinars. Are you interested and/or active in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Bioscience? Register now! is the Artificial Intelligence Lab for Bioscience which was founded in 2021 by TU Delft and is funded by DSM. This laboratory is the first of its kind in Europe to apply artificial intelligence to full-scale biomanufacturing, from microbial strain development to process optimization and factory scheduling.

The full webinar program is included in this document and covers topics ranging from large-scale manufacturing to microbiome-based precision nutrition, going from large to small scale. Experts active in these topics will present their in-depth insights.

For each of the 5 webinars, a separate registration form is available. Once you register through one of those forms, an agenda item will be sent to you by e-mail so you can reserve the timeframe in your calendar. For each webinar, please use the links as provided.

We hope that you join and also participate in the Q&A session. If you have any questions about the webinars, please contact Renger Jellema, Program Manager.