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First 2 TU Delft pre-startups granted within DSM NL Kickstart Fund

In 2020, DSM NL established the Kickstart Fund to support the ecosystem around Planet B.io and the Biotech Campus Delft. With a total annual budget of 200 k€, the Fund…

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Artificial Intelligence lab for Bioscience webinar

Traditionally, scientific research is based on trail & error within multiple sub-studies that work together toward a specific objective, such as a new product or production technology. Artificial Intelligence (AI)…

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Advanced Course on Bioprocess Design 2021

Successful delivery Advanced Course on Bioprocess Design

Last week Planet B.io hosted the Advanced Course on Bioprocess Design (4 – 8 Oct. 2021) on the Biotech Campus Delft, organized by BioTech Delft. During this course 27 participants…

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Lets Talk B.io

Let's Talk B.io | CE Delft | 2 September 2021

From September 2021 on, Planet B.io will organize and facilitate various events with a trending or overarching theme to connect companies, researchers, and external stakeholders, enabling them to exchange their scientific…

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Director Planet B.io joins board of BioTech Delft

As of June 1st, Planet B.io director Cindy Gerhardt joined the board of BioTech Delft, a foundation that organises biotechnology education at postgraduate level.

The foundation “Biotechnology Academy Delft” (short: BioTech…

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