Vitrotem USA

VitroTEM's Naiad tour showcases revolutionary graphene liquid cell fabrication technology across top US research institutes

In March 2023, the VitroTEM team embarked on a tour of several prestigious research institutes across the United States. The purpose of this tour was to showcase their latest innovation,…

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Nostics team

Nostics continues mission in Amsterdam

Nostics joined Planet when they were just founded in 2020. Their main focus then; developing a nanotechnology based ultra-rapid COVID-19 testkit that takes minutes instead of hours, with a…

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FUL Foods moves headquarters to Amsterdam

When a company has to move because they simply outgrew Planet, we couldn’t be more proud. FUL Foods was one of the first companies that settled at Planet…

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IMG 20220627 131027

Meet the start-up | Proteins of Tomorrow

The Planet team is pleased to announce that recently another new company has moved in with us on the 3rd floor of the Beijerinck Center, namely Proteins of Tomorrow. 

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Kickstart Fund

Kickstart Fund supports collaboration project between Deep Branch and Delft University of Technology

In 2020, DSM NL established the Kickstart Fund to support the ecosystem around Planet and the Biotech Campus Delft. With a total annual budget of 200 k€, the Fund…

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