Interview with DAB.bio: making sustainable everyday products affordable

Most products are still produced using fossil and other scarce natural resources. Increasingly, biotechnology offers a sustainable alternative. DAB.bio wants to make that alternative affordable as well. Eric van der…

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Breakthrough technology from VitroTEM | From photo to film using graphene

Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could study with razor-sharp precision how a brain or nerve cell works? What happens at the cellular level in prostate cancer? And how a…

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200706 DAB Verkijk 83

DAB | Faster towards a green future

For the production of vitamins, paints or fragrances, we often use fossil raw materials, such as oil. This can be done differently. In Delft, several companies are working on production based…

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XPure systems

XPure returns to Delft’s native soil

Back to the familiar nest. Last summer, technology provider XPure moved to Planet B.io at the Biotech Campus Delft. In doing so, it returned to its native soil. With its patented …

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Carbon dioxide recycling company Deep Branch joins Planet B.io

Planet B.io is proud to announce that biotech company Deep Branch has joined the scale-up ecosystem on Biotech Campus Delft. Deep Branch, founded in the UK, is a perfect fit…

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