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Cultivated meat companies prepare for first EU application approvals, but it is still a long way to your plate

Real meat without emissions and environmental impact; cultivated meat has been a big promise for years. Meanwhile, dozens of companies in Europe are ready to enter the market. But strict…

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Deep Branch: less CO2, more sustainable food

What can be more beautiful than solving two problems at once? British-Dutch company Deep Branch produces protein-rich ingredients for animal feed via fermentation. These ingredients replace fishmeal and soy. An…

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Proeon Awarded as Technology Pioneer by World Economic Forum

Proeon, Planet B.io resident since early 2022, was selected among hundreds of candidates as one of the World Economic Forum’s “Technology Pioneers”. Proeon is an R&D driven ingredient innovation company that…

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DAB.bio’s Turbocharged Fermenter Reduces Biomanufacturing Costs by 50%

Finally, DAB.bio’s manufacturing breakthrough makes it viable to replace fossil fuels in manufacturing.DAB.bio, pioneers in biomanufacturing fermentation technology, today announced successful fermentation runs in their FAST (Fermentation Accelerated by Separation…

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NEW: Planet B.io Membership

Planet B.io is the open innovation hub for industrial biotechnology. We create a unique and inspiring environment for biotech businesses to grow. What if you are not located in Delft,…

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