CE Delft new research partner biobased industries growth voucher

As of today, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) that are looking to further develop or scaleup their biobased production processes, products or innovations, can request the 'Opportunities for West' growth voucher for support from the independent research and consultancy agency, CE Delft.

Through its independent research and consultancy work CE Delft is helping build a sustainable world. In the fields of transport, energy and industrial raw materials their expertise is leading-edge. With their wealth of know-how on economics, technology and policy issues they support government agencies, NGOs and industries in pursuit of structural change. And now also your biobased business!

Planet B.io and CE Delft will organise a webinar on September 2 in which the type of projects CE Delft can support you with under this voucher will be outlined in more detail. More information will follow soon.



Opportunities for West - Incentive Scheme for Biobased Industry

Do you have a great idea for a new biobased or circular product/process, and looking for a funding boost? Then the Opportunities for West voucher scheme for activities that contribute to the transition to an industry based on biobased processes and raw materials, might be something for you!

This accessible scheme is designed to enable SMEs to further develop or scaleup their biobased production processes, products or innovations. This includes the use of Biotech Campus Delft’s facilities at Planet B.io or Bioprocess Pilot Facility.

Who can make use of the vouchers?
The target group is any SME established in a Member State of the European Union. The scheme’s goal is to incentivize activities contributing to the transition from a fossil-based industry to a biobased industry. Applications can be submitted throughout the year (so no specific deadlines). There is still budget available for 2021, so get going!

What are the three types of vouchers?
The establishment voucher  is to be used by a SME to grow a biobased business and that wants to locate itself at the Biotech Campus Delft to access the opportunities this ecosystem offers.

The growth voucher  is to be used by the SMEs at Bioprocess Pilot Facility or at Planet B.io, to obtain support in a research project from DSM, TU Delft or, since today, CE Delft, to grow their biobased business case. Vouchers are used to finance research on solving techno-economic bottlenecks of a product or process of the SME or to provide support in the pre-piloting phase (final research work before pilot trials can start). 

The pilot voucher  is to be used by SMEs to scale up a new biobased production process to a pilot. This involves making the first (dozens of) kilograms of a product or testing a process for the first time with industrial equipment (instead of lab equipment). The pilot voucher is not restricted to SMEs that are located at the Biotech Campus Delft.


Further specifications of the different vouchers are explained in the regulation on Staatscourant.
SMEs can submit their applications digitally via the EFRO web portal.
More information can be obtained via info@biotechcampusdelft.com or via your contact person at Planet B.io.

The total available amount is €451.750 in ERDF resources.