Delft once again best place for entrepreneurship in The Netherlands

Delft is once again the best place for entrepreneurship, according to the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Index 2022. This index is compiled by Utrecht University and Birch Consultants every two years. Delft also came out on top in 2020. Delft and Westland are followed by Groot-Amsterdam, which pushes the Zuidoost-Noord-Brabant region from second place.

“Important elements that make these regions so strong are leadership, knowledge and networks,” concludes the study about Delft and Westland. This concerns the coordination of innovation projects, investments in R&D and the participation of companies in innovation projects.

Innovative Startups

The index also shows that there is a strong positive relationship between the economic ecosystem and the presence of innovative startups, the number of scale-ups in a certain region and the increase in the number of webshops. “These are important indicators of the economic agility of regions, which is necessary in times of Covid-19.”

Planet @ Biotech Campus Delft

“I am extremely proud of our city of Delft, which once again manifests itself as the strongest ecosystem for entrepreneurship in the Netherlands”, says Cindy Gerhardt, Managing Director “As director of Planet @ Biotech Campus Delft, I experience every day what it is like to have a so-called 'vibrant ecosystem' around me. We are building on 152 years of collaboration between industry, city and university, which is so deeply rooted in our genes that the Biotech Campus Delft is by now also very well known internationally. We look forward to further strengthen our collaboration with the Gemeente DelftDSMTechnische Universiteit Delft, but also with the Provincie Zuid-Holland and InnovationQuarter, and of course with the other innovation hubs around us. Together we are stronger in the transition to a sustainable, bio-based future!”

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