From Idea to Impact

Together with HollandBIO and Johnson & Johnson, Planet organized an event to explore best practices for bringing science "from bench to business". The event brought together more than 100 stakeholders including start-ups, industry, Technology Transfer Organizations (TTOs), academia, investors and enabling organizations.

While one may get lost in the terminology used - valorization, translation, commercialization - in the end it all boils down to ensuring that science makes a positive impact on society; that promising ideas have the opportunity to be explored and matured to become an innovation, either at a start-up or at an existing enterprise. For biotech innovations, in particular, such road can be a hard one, often requiring long R&D timelines, specialized infrastructure and highly skilled people.

It is encouraging that the National Growth Fund has recently granted the Biotech Booster program, where academic universities, universities of applied sciences, university medical centers and industry will join forces to establish 10 Trusted Communities across the country and a Biotech Innovation program to support the process from idea generation (at knowledge institutes or industry) to proof-of-principle and proof-of-concept. Together with our partners TU Delft and DSM, Planet is contributing to shape a Trusted Community focused on Industrial Biotech in Delft!