Mibiton welcomes Cindy Gerhardt as new board member

The Mibiton Foundation, actively investing in the Dutch Life Sciences business since 1994, is happy to welcome Cindy Gerhardt, Director Planet B.io, as newest member to its board of seasoned industry professionals. In this position, Gerhardt will represent the ‘white’ (industrial) biotechnology.

‘I am proud and excited to join Mibiton’s board. I have known Mibiton for many years as an established and much appreciated player supporting young biotech companies to fill the financing gap they experience in purchasing equipment,’ says Cindy Gerhardt.

Over the past twenty-five years, about 125 loans have been provided to promising young Life Sciences  companies to purchase expensive equipment and support the growth of their business. In total, more than 40 million euros has now been invested in Life Sciences companies in the Netherlands.

‘I am a passionate biotech innovator, and I have always been interested in the challenge of valorizing science and technology,’ continues Gerhardt. ‘I bring in 30 years of experience in academic medical research, food research and innovation at large corporate companies, and, most recently, working closely with biotech start up companies after founding Planet B.io. At Planet B.io, I have spoken to many start up founders and CEOs about the challenges of financing equipment that is needed to build their business, but  facing difficulties  by the more regular financing tools. I am honoured to have been asked by Mibiton to join their board and contribute to the future of the fund, and to support many promising young companies.’

Mibiton offers financing resources for the purchase of equipment and infrastructure, which is of less interest to venture capital funds and which typically raises red flags with banks. For start-ups in the Life Sciences sector, these, often costly, investments in equipment are crucial to survive the first stage. As Director of Planet B.io, the innovation hub at the Biotech Campus Delft, Gerhardt is dedicated to help young biotech companies to grow. Planet B.io offers a complete support package ranging from access to labs and offices, technical support, access to new talents, and business support including a network of funds and investors. ‘Growing a biotech company is no piece of cake, having to deal with a need for expensive equipment long before the business proposition proofs itself,’ Gerhardt knows. ‘Several of the start-ups at Planet B.io have already made use of the Mibiton Solo fund. Both Meatable and Delft Advanced Biofuels (DAB) were delighted that Mibiton supported them with their financing support at a critical stage of their growth. We expect to house many more young biotech companies at our campus in the future, making the connection between Mibiton and Planet B.io a very logical one!’

Kees Recourt

Nobody better than Kees Recourt, investment Manager of Mibiton since 2004, knows the critical importance of financing life sciences equipment. ‘Our team is excited to have Cindy on board,’ he says. ‘Both the ‘red’ (bio-medical) and the ‘green’ (agricultural) biotech sectors are well represented in our board. With the departure of Colja Laane as chairman of Mibiton at the end of 2022, knowledge of the ‘white’ (industrial) biotechnology sector was no longer present in our team. Cindy will fill up that gap, providing deeper understanding of the ins and outs of young white biotech companies, and further extending our network in this sector. Mibiton is a healthy fund with ambitions to continuously grow our support to the biotech sector, as we are convinced biotech is providing the key to a healthier future of our planet and its inhabitants!’   

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