NEW: Planet Membership

Planet is the open innovation hub for industrial biotechnology. We create a unique and inspiring environment for biotech businesses to grow. What if you are not located in Delft, but still want to join our ecosystem and benefit from our network of startups, scaleups, corporates, knowledge, talents, mentors, and investors? We launched the Planet Bio membership, and herewith introduce our very first member; Sophie’s BioNutrients, a startup from Singapore focusing on sustainable protein production.

From an extensive network that fuels collaboration, investments and scaling-up possibilities, to on- and offline visibility; Planet has much to offer. Sophie’s BioNutrients, a start-up from Singapore focusing on sustainable proteins, recently moved to the Netherlands. As a Planet Member, Sophie’s BioNutrients can benefit from what Planet brings to the table, without physically being located at the Biotech Campus Delft.

About Sophie’s BioNutrients

Sophie’s BioNutrients wants to tackle the growing demand for protein. Proteins from micro-algae are a scalable and sustainable source of protein for human consumption. Sophie’s grows micro-algae on waste streams, such as spent grain, in bio-reactors. They aim at applications in meat and dairy replacements.

Benefiting both

Recently, Sophie’s BioNutrients moved to the Netherlands to boost and accelerate its growth. Facing the choice of where to settle, both Wageningen and Delft offered attractive campuses with different value propositions. Sophie’s is currently located in Wageningen, but they also would like to benefit from the broad network of corporates, start-ups, knowledge institutes, talents, and all other players active in industrial biotechnology offered by Planet  

Their vision is closely aligned with Planet’s network. With a Planet membership, Sophie’s BioNutrients now has a direct connection to our network. During the first month of Sophie’s membership, we already had several interesting meetings, e.g. outlining the collaboration opportunities with TU Delft.

Sophie’s also brings value back to Planet Sophie’s BioNutrients offers relevant bio-technological know-how, and is a great addition to our protein network, including our recently granted Protein Port initiative. Moreover, they bring an extensive network in Asia. We look forward to working together and exploring many more collaboration opportunities.   

Get in touch

Planet has just started the concept of Membership. We use a tailor-made approach and focus on the needs and opportunities of both parties, to contribute to and benefit from the ecosystem. If you are interested to become a Planet member as well, feel free to contact us via