Planet secures €400,000 subsidy for equipment and operation of the Shared Lab

Planet has received a substantial subsidy of €400,000 from Kansen voor West. The grant is earmarked for the realization of an equipped and operational Shared Lab, reinforcing the foundation's commitment to fostering innovation in the biotechnology sector.

The innovation ecosystem at the Biotech Campus Delft has grown significantly in recent years. Since its inception in 2020, Planet has played a pivotal role in transforming vacant buildings into hubs for biotech startups and scaleups. The foundation not only provides state-of-the-art labs and offices but also facilitates an extensive network of partners within the ecosystem.

However, Planet recognizes not only the need of pre-startups, which are not fully funded yet, to have access to a suitable lab to perform their proof-of-principle experiments in order to be ready for investors.  Also, there is the need for further collaboration with educational institutions to address the pressing shortage of skilled personnel in the rapidly expanding biotech companies. Establishing a Shared Lab is therefore a strategic step to fortify the role of Planet as a field lab; supporting young companies and SMEs without their own labs, enabling student training and facilitating research projects for knowledge institutions.

The launch of the Shared Lab at the heart of the Biotech Campus Delft marks a significant milestone in Planet's ambition and mission to accelerate innovation in biotechnology. The Shared Lab addresses the critical gap in the white biotech sector, where access to specialized laboratories, equipment, permits, and skilled personnel is essential for translating scientific advancements into market-ready solutions.

Education and demonstration
Grant provider Kansen voor West is the partnership of the 4 Randstad provinces (North and South Holland, Utrecht and Flevoland) and the 4 major municipalities Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam and Utrecht. These 8 have jointly created a program to give an innovative boost to the regional economy in the Randstad. This is done by giving European grants to businesses in the region. This 7-year program focuses on the main themes: Innovation, Climate and Sustainable Urban Development. The program is in line with the ambitions from the European Green Deal.

The financial contribution of Kansen voor West will allow Planet to purchase much needed laboratory equipment, such as pipets, a spectrophotometer, pH meters, centrifuges, shakers, a microscope, PCR and gel electrophorese equipment and much more. In addition, the grant will also cover the management of the Shared Lab at the Biotech Campus Delft for the coming year.

"We're very happy to receive a €400,000 subsidy from Kansen voor West, propelling Planet's Shared Lab initiative. This funding reinforces our dedication to fostering biotechnological innovation, addressing critical infrastructure gaps, and paving the way for collaborative breakthroughs at the Biotech Campus Delft,” says Fenneke Jolink, Project Manager at Planet “Scientists, educators, startups, and companies with a biotech focus can now rent the Shared Lab on a flexible basis, accommodating up to 24 people. Integrated within the Planet ecosystem and Biotech Campus Delft, the Shared Lab also provides access to an expansive knowledge base, and an extensive network.”

With our ongoing network programs and collaborative educational initiatives, Planet invites the entire biotech community to join the pursuit of cutting-edge discoveries and advancements.

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