Newly renovated Social area officially opened

What is a open innovation environment without a nice social area to engage with the rest of the community? A firm's hotel! On July 1st, the newly renovated social area on the second floor of our multi-tenant building, the Beijerinck Center, was officially opened.


The sustainable design by Vakwerk Architecten was well received by all residents and fits perfectly with Planet's vision to contribute to a circular, bio-based economy. 

"Vakwerk designs with respect for people and the environment. We design with people and for people. But we want to deal with the earth's resources in a respectful way and we contribute to a healthy living environment. Whether we design via NOM, BENG, Circular, C2C, ultimately every ambition has the goal of achieving more with less," says Ellen van der Wal, founder at VAKWERK Architecten. "We believe the “Reduce-Reuse-Recycle” approach is strong and can serve as a guideline in any project to consciously weigh up and make choices that lead to sustainable solutions."

Check out the result below.