The Hidden Meanings behind the brand name ‘Planet’

Ever wondered where the name Planet came from? And what it means?
Here is the story and the hidden meanings behind the brand name and its logo.

In September 2018, a small team of DSM employees started a journey to transform DSM’s “industrial site Delft” into a semi-open, multi-tenant, Biotech Campus Delft. The name had already existed for several years, and the ambition for the campus was there as well.

The new 'open innovation part' was to be developed jointly by DSM and four other partners ; Technical University of Delft, Municipality of Delft, Province of South Holland and InnovationQuarter. The partners clearly expressed the need for a clear distinction between 'the open innovation part' and the rest of the Biotech Campus – namely, the industrial part. For this reason, and also as a key-factor for the success of 'the open innovation part', it was important to give this part its own identity, i.e. to find a new name for the foundation and its activities.  

“The new name should stand for innovation, sustainability, biotech, cooperation, in the context of accelerating the transition to a bio-based economy,” explains Eline Reijmerink, Communications manager of Planet “In addition, the new name had to indicate a place where small companies could establish and grow. It turned out not to be easy because of the large number of competing activities in the biotech field (companies, campuses, incubators etc.). But after an extensive and intensive process, we finally landed on Planet – a brand name with four hidden meanings.”

  • Planet B. is used in the sustainability slogan 'there is no planet B.', referring to 'what is plan B?', if the original plan fails. Indicates urgency to find sustainable solutions.
  • stands for biology / biotechnology.
  • .io as a domain extension is used for 'in formation' (our planet where we produce in a circular and sustainable way is in formation), and also stands for input-output (one of the great challenges of the transition to a biobased economy; using renewable raw materials = input, producing high-quality products = output).
  • In addition to the reference to sustainability and bio(tech), Planet also gives a place name referring to the location where start-ups are established (Planet at Biotech Campus Delft).


And what about the logo of Planet

 “Planet offers a unique scale up ecosystem focused on industrial biotechnology. Technology which largely focusses on the cellular level,” Eline explains. “When we look at the world through a microscope we see microorganisms, cells, abstract forms - randomly scattered. Those cells are not static, they are alive, they grow.”

“The white circle around the ‘B’ in the Planet logo resembles the lens of a microscope or gathering place, where all sorts of multicolored components come together, mix and grow. Just like the entrepreneurs at Planet at the Biotech Campus Delft.”

In order to emphasize this dynamic character, the logo has been designed in such a way that it can be varied at any time. There are five variations available, which are interchangeable and can be used at one's own discretion.