VWR agreement offering discounts on chemicals and consumables to Planet B.io residents

Planet B.io is committed to adding value to our community every day, in every way possible. That is why we explore collaboration opportunities with suppliers for chemicals and consumables frequently used by Planet B.io residents. We are happy to share that we have reached an agreement with VWR

As a distribution channel of Avantor, a Fortune 500 company, VWR provides access to business-critical product and service solutions in the Life Sciences and other regulated industries, including biotechnology. VWR’s mission is to set science in motion to create a better world.

Discounts on chemicals and consumables

As part of the agreement, all Planet B.io residents have access to discounts on chemicals and consumables. VWR's Account Manager, Sharon Blume, and Business Development Manager, Jeroen Joosten, visited Planet B.io on Thursday, April 7 to meet the residents’ lab managers in person. They are excited about the agreement: ‘The Planet B.io community is home to several innovative organizations that fit very well into our scope. We look forward to helping them innovate and accelerate their business.’

Creating value

‘When you run an open innovation network like Planet B.io, you are constantly looking for ways to create value for your members,’ says Cindy Gerhardt, Managing Director at Planet B.io. ‘The collaboration with VWR is a great example of such a value creation: it is a hands-on, direct benefit to the companies associated with Planet B.io. The offer was designed together with the people working in the labs to assure a perfect fit with those who need and use the products regularly.’