VWR Agreement 7 April

VWR agreement offering discounts on chemicals and consumables to Planet B.io residents

Planet B.io is committed to adding value to our community every day, in every way possible. That is why we explore collaboration opportunities with suppliers for chemicals and consumables frequently…

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NEW: Planet B.io Membership

Planet B.io is the open innovation hub for industrial biotechnology. We create a unique and inspiring environment for biotech businesses to grow. What if you are not located in Delft,…

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Artificial Intelligence for Bioscience Webinars

On April 12 & 13, Artificial Intelligence Lab for Bioscience (AI4b.io) organizes five webinars. Are you interested and/or active in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Bioscience? Register now! AI4b.io is…

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Interview with DAB.bio: making sustainable everyday products affordable

Most products are still produced using fossil and other scarce natural resources. Increasingly, biotechnology offers a sustainable alternative. DAB.bio wants to make that alternative affordable as well. Eric van der…

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Boosting the protein transition in South Holland

Updated, May 9 - The Province of South Holland aims to become one of the core regions in the field of alternative proteins. Recently, Planet B.io together with Innovation Quarter…

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