Opening Planet collaboration event

6 reasons to grow your biotech business at Planet

Grow your business in industrial biotechnology with the support of specialized business professionals at Planet

There are at least 6 reasons why you should grow your business of industrial biotechnology…

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XPure systems

XPure relocates to Planet

This summer, technology provider XPure relocates to the Biotech Campus Delft. XPure, specializes in providing product and process specific purification solutions based on chromatography and ion exchange – will join…

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groepsfoto klein v2

Nieuwe stichting Planet faciliteert groei Biotech Campus Delft

Klimaatverandering en grondstoffen schaarste vragen dringend om oplossingen. Biotechnologie speelt hierin een belangrijke rol. Nieuwe productie processen, die minder of niet afhankelijk zijn van fossiele grondstoffen, en minder tot geen…

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Milieu magazine article

Co-creation in industrial biotech - the key to the future

Industrial biotechnology can play a crucial role in solving some of the world’s major challenges, because even though used for centuries, microbes still have a lot to teach us, and…

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Biofutures Initiative

Creating the Infrastructure & Regulation for a Sustainable Biofuture

We are living in extraordinary times, and we have been for the better part of last 200 years. Thanks to bio-based innovations such as vaccinations, sanitation and modern agriculture we…

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