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The open innovation hub at the Biotech Campus Delft, empowering businesses to develop impactful biotech solutions at scale, and drive the transition towards a sustainable society.

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What others say about Planet B.io

"As a cofounder of Proeon, I cannot express enough gratitude for the invaluable support we've received from Planet B.io. Their unwavering commitment to fostering innovation in has been instrumental in propelling our company forward. They have been providing crucial support, access to the ecosystem, and offering expert guidance and networking opportunities, Planet B.io in Delft has been an indispensable partner on our journey. Their dedication to nurturing startups like ours has truly set them apart, and we look forward to continuing our collaboration to drive meaningful change in the field of sustainable food and protein innovation."

Kevin Parekh Co-founder Proeon

“Even as an off-site member of Planet B.io, we have benefitted tremendously from the community. The team has personally made many valuable connections within the Dutch Biotech ecosystem, opening doors to great partnerships. By bringing in foreign delegations, they have found effective ways to connect members to ecosystems all around the world.”

Kianti Figler CEO Upstream Foods

“As the CTO of Meatable, the inaugural renter at Planet B.io, I can't emphasize enough the significance of this hub to our growth trajectory. Planet B.io isn't just a workspace; it's an place for innovation, fostering safety, and driving collaboration. From the moment we moved in, we see the developing biotech ecosystem, providing us more than just a functional lab space. Planet B.io opened doors to invaluable networking events, potential collaborations, and an inspiring community of like-minded professionals. It truly is the nexus where expertise, resources, and passion converge, propelling startups like ours into the future of biotech.”

Daan Luining CTO Meatable

“Without Planet B.io, Nostics would not be where it is today. We are very grateful for the support we have received to help us through the first critical stages. The Planet B.io hub offers a great ecosystem of knowledge and shared facilities. The team helped us to set up our ML 2 lab, put the safety regulations and protocols in place, and perform regular safety checks.”

Vincent Laban CFO Nostics

“Moving our lab and offices to Planet B.io felt like coming home. They provided us with a functional lab space, logistically embedded in the site. More importantly, at Planet B.io we instantly became an integral part of a vibrant biotech business ecosystem, some of them became clients. Planet B.io provides exposure through their networking events, making connections between companies that may add value to each other’s businesses. Potential clients were brought to us in our lab, or we met them at the coffee machine. It is inspiring to work alongside people dedicated to the much needed transitions in food and chemicals.”

René Nanninga former CEO XPure

“Planet B.io has been the best place to develop our biorefining process and our first product. The hub offers a great ecosystem of knowledge, and the Planet B.io team helped us personally to get the necessary resources to grow and scale up our operations, from funding opportunities to access to high-value industry expertise. Planet B.io makes the difference between renting a workspace or being helped in all areas to grow your business. The community feels like one big family where everyone supports each other.”

Cristina Prat Taranilla Co-founder FUL Foods

Planet B.io's principal partners: a triple helix non-profit

Planet B.io embraces the powerful triple-helix innovation model, firmly believing in the synergistic collaboration between industry, government, and academia. We facilitate meaningful connections with key stakeholders in the biotech community. By harnessing the collective expertise and resources of these three pillars, we enhance the likelihood that your biotechnological innovation can effectively translate into real-world impact.

Latest news

Read about Planet B.io and our residents, members & collaborators.


Interview with Professor Jack Pronk: About the Intersection of Academia and Entrepreneurship in Industrial Biotechnology

Jack Pronk is full professor in Industrial Microbiology and the head of the Biotechnology Department at TU Delft. His research focuses on understanding enhancing microbial performance in industrial processes by integrating quantitative physiology, genomics, synthetic biology, and evolutionary engineering. His team's work on yeast engineering for alcoholic fermentation and improving ethanol yields is applied on an industrial scale. Recently, he was awarded the prestigious Novozymes Prize, given annually since 1963 for outstanding European research in biotechnology. Planet B.io had the opportunity to sit down with Professor Pronk to discuss his views on entrepreneurship in industrial biotechnology.


Hologenomix | Pioneering Multi-Omics Profiles for Early Disease Diagnosis

Hologenomix, the newest resident at Planet B.io, is creating multi-omics profiles from human biofluids. As the first user of our Shared Service Lab, Hologenomix is poised to revolutionize early disease diagnosis through DNA analysis. Co-founders David Calderon Franco and Eric van der Toorn share insights into their journey and vision.


Fishway: Innovating the Future of Fish through Cellular Aquaculture

Fishway, member of Planet B.io, is the new kid on the block in the field of cellular aquaculture. Founded by Nina Coolsaet and Sam Van de Velde, Fishway aims to address the pressing challenges faced by the traditional fishing industry, such as overfishing, pollution, and the decline in biodiversity. By producing fish-derived ingredients, Fishway hopes to offer a sustainable alternative that preserves the nutritional benefits of fish without the environmental downsides.

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