Whether you are a biotech start-up, scale-up or mature business, we have the perfect accommodation in an inspiring community to take your company to the next level. 

Existing accommodation

We have renovated and modernized two R&D buildings from the 1980s at the Biotech Campus Delft to create an inspiring environment for future growth. The transformed buildings now provide modern spaces that will contribute to the success of the biotech community in Delft.

Beijerinck Center

Introducing the newly transformed Beijerinck Center, a state-of-the-art multi-tenant building at the Biotech Campus Delft. Originally built as an R&D lab in 1984, the building underwent a complete renovation in 2018, now offering modern offices and laboratories to support your research and innovation. Enjoy the convenience of an on-site campus restaurant and gym located on the ground floor.

  • Total area GLA: 3000 m2
  • Multi-tenant
  • Offices: renovated, painted, carpeted | 26 & 52 m2
  • Labs: ML1 & ML2 | 26 & 52m2

Van Iterson House

The latest addition to the Planet B.io ecosystem. In 2023, both the ground and first floor were completely renovated and converted into a multi-tenant building. 

  • Total area GLA: 1150 m2
  • Multi-tenant
  • Offices: renovated, painted, carpeted | 20 & 40 m2
  • Labs: ML1 & ML2 | 31 & 62 m2


Renting an office and/or lab in one of our multi-tenant buildings offers you many advantages. 
The following services are included in your rental fee: 

  • Common equipment like an autoclave, an ice machine, chemical storage cabinet, industrial dishwasher, availability of demi-water and Milli-Q ultrapure water is provided.
  • Access to your office/lab with your own key
  • Ventilation and temperature control in your labs/offices
  • Free use of meeting rooms
  • Pantries with fridge, coffee machine and waste bin
  • Electricity and water
  • Guest WiFi
  • Cleaning service
  • Parcel service, postal service, your own letterbox
  • Parking
  • Security Services
  • Support from a Safety, Health and Environment manager

Central facilities

From lounge areas and coffee corners, to meeting rooms, a spacious auditorium and a great restaurant, Planet B.io has lots of central facilities for people to meet and share both formally and informally. 

  • Restaurant
    In the campus restaurant you can enjoy a variable assortment of fresh, home-made dishes. A selected chef and his team prepare these restaurant dishes daily. Book various arrangements, breaks, and other banqueting services during your meetings, conferences or at your office.
  • Espresso bar
    Get ready to kickstart your day! Our expert barista is here to satisfy your caffeine cravings with the finest coffee and tea selections. Plus, indulge in a quick bite to eat to keep you energized all day long.
  • Meeting facilities
    Planet B.io offers a wide range of meeting rooms, including state-of-the-art presentation infrastructure. The modern meeting rooms are ideal for internal meetings or as project space for medium-term projects.
  • Auditorium
    Organizing a lecture or conference? We offer an auditorium up to 100 people. 
  • Gym
    Want to offer your employees something extra? The “Out of Office gym” is a dedicated gym for all residents at the Biotech Campus Delft. Struggling with your physical health? We have a certified physiotherapist on site for you needs. 

Space to grow

Looking for a place to build your own office building or (demo) production plant? The Biotech Campus Delft is the place to be! Planet B.io offers 8 hectares of greenfield, providing a unique opportunity for new developments, whether new offices, labs or new production facilities. Located only 45 minutes from Amsterdam Airport (Schiphol), in the vibrant western part of the Netherlands, you will be right at the centre of all the knowledge, talents, infrastructure and permits available at the Biotech Campus Delft and the Delft University of Technology. 

Become a member

Not yet ready to have your own space at Planet B.io? There is another way you can leverage our network and benefit from our services for biotech innovators – as a Planet B.io member. With a Planet B.io membership, you enjoy access to our services, and you become part of the vibrant Planet B.io community. 

Interested in joining us?

Do you have any questions about our facilities or would you like to learn more about Planet B.io? Contact our business developer today to schedule a meeting and discuss how our dynamic biotech community can help you achieve your goals.


Stay up-to-date with the latest developments at Planet B.io,
where our community of residents, members, and collaborators is always growing and evolving. 

Read up on our facilities below. 


Interview with Professor Jack Pronk: About the Intersection of Academia and Entrepreneurship in Industrial Biotechnology

Jack Pronk is full professor in Industrial Microbiology and the head of the Biotechnology Department at TU Delft. His research focuses on understanding enhancing microbial performance in industrial processes by integrating quantitative physiology, genomics, synthetic biology, and evolutionary engineering. His team's work on yeast engineering for alcoholic fermentation and improving ethanol yields is applied on an industrial scale. Recently, he was awarded the prestigious Novozymes Prize, given annually since 1963 for outstanding European research in biotechnology. Planet B.io had the opportunity to sit down with Professor Pronk to discuss his views on entrepreneurship in industrial biotechnology.


Hologenomix | Pioneering Multi-Omics Profiles for Early Disease Diagnosis

Hologenomix, the newest resident at Planet B.io, is creating multi-omics profiles from human biofluids. As the first user of our Shared Service Lab, Hologenomix is poised to revolutionize early disease diagnosis through DNA analysis. Co-founders David Calderon Franco and Eric van der Toorn share insights into their journey and vision.


Fishway: Innovating the Future of Fish through Cellular Aquaculture

Fishway, member of Planet B.io, is the new kid on the block in the field of cellular aquaculture. Founded by Nina Coolsaet and Sam Van de Velde, Fishway aims to address the pressing challenges faced by the traditional fishing industry, such as overfishing, pollution, and the decline in biodiversity. By producing fish-derived ingredients, Fishway hopes to offer a sustainable alternative that preserves the nutritional benefits of fish without the environmental downsides.