About Planet B.io

Planet B.io offers a unique scale up ecosystem focused on industrial and food biotechnology. 

What we do

At Planet B.io, we go beyond providing you with a mere lab or office space. By becoming part of our community, you gain exclusive access to our thriving ecosystem of industrial biotech knowledge, facilities and services, which we continuously cultivate and expand upon. Our primary goal is to empower you to unlock opportunities for collaboration, growth, and success, by connecting you to the right stakeholders that align with your specific needs and goals.

Our mission: Accelerate the transition to a sustainable, biobased, and circular society by establishing an open innovation ecosystem empowering entrepreneurial talents to create impactful biotech solutions.

Biotechnology for a more sustainable planet

The world is at a critical juncture, struggling with unprecedented challenges that demand immediate attention. To overcome society's most pressing issues, we must embark on significant transformations in the way we produce our energy, chemicals and food.

At Planet B.io, we believe that biotechnology holds one of the keys to enabling these transformative changes. With modern biotechnological techniques, we can harness the power of microorganisms and leverage their remarkable adaptability. By modifying these microorganisms, we can utilize a wide range of feedstocks that were previously considered waste or low-value by-products. The potential applications are many, spanning from the development of eco-friendly cosmetics and nutritious food to life-saving medicines and sustainable fuels.

While the potential of biotechnology is enormous, translating research into viable businesses is indispensable to make impactful changes in society. Planet B.io is committed to assisting entrepreneurs in achieving success by removing obstacles along their startup journey. Our role extends beyond providing a mere landing spot for companies; as a triple helix network organization, we are strategically positioned to facilitate essential connections for startups, helping them to pave the road to growing their business.

Delft - city of innovation

Delft has been one of the biotechnology 'hotspots' of the world for over 150 years. Visionairs like Anthony van Leeuwenhoek, who unveiled the first glimpses of microbial life, and industrial biotechnologist Jacques van Marken, whose yeast factory remains in operation today under dsm-ferminich, have left an inspiring mark on our legacy.

Drawing inspiration from this rich legacy, we are committed to be as visionary as our predecessors and leverage Delft's position as a frontrunner in biotechnology, both now and in the future. 
In 2019, DSM opened its doors to entrepreneurs active in bioscience and biotech, establishing Biotech Campus Delft. A year later, Planet B.io was founded to foster an environment of collaboration and innovation, attracting a diverse mix of organizations that contribute to the campus's flourishing growth.

Today, the Planet B.io ecosystem includes world-class knowledge institutions, flourishing start-ups, mature scale-ups and established corporates with a global network and significant Research & Development activities. The Biotech Campus Delft is unique in a way it can provide accommodation and activities for the needs of companies in different stages of development.

By choosing Delft as the home for your biotech startup, you gain access to a nourishing environment where knowledge, entrepreneurship, and industry converge to enable you to grow your business. 

Meet the Planet B.io team

Planet B.io is run by a team of passionate startup and biotech experts who are committed to support impact-driven innovation in the industrial and food biotechnology industry. 

Cindy Gerhardt

Managing Director

Bouke de Jong

Chief Technology Officer

Jasper Driessen

Business Development

Fenneke Jolink

Project Manager

Eline Reijmerink

MarComm & Community

Leanne van den Hove

Operational expert

Maartje Mikx


Rosalie van Gaalen

Management Assistent

Bram Kerssemakers

Protein Port Programme Manager