TU Delft

Impact for a better society

Delft University of Technology is the oldest and largest technical university in the Netherlands. The university ranks among the world’s best in the fields of science and engineering, including biotechnology.

Innovation is crucial to fulfil the potential of industrial biotechnology for sustainable production of fuels, chemicals, materials, and food. Similarly, scientific and technological advances in environmental biotechnology are needed to enable novel approaches to water purification, and ‘waste-to-product’ processes thus contributing to a circular economy. Increased fundamental knowledge encompassing enzymes, microorganisms and processes are essential for progress in this field. Delft University of Technology covers this research area and, based on new insights, selects, designs and tests new biobased catalysts, micro-organisms, and processes.

To make the required leap from science to environmental impact, knowledge should be developed together with the business community. The Delft University of Technology, world renown for the many major discoveries in microbiology and biotechnology still impacting the world today, is actively collaborating with DSM to successfully develop the Biotech Campus Delft. By joining forces with Planet B.io, start-ups evolving from the Delft University of Technology, or from anywhere else in the world, find an inspiring home at the Biotech Campus that offers the knowhow and network needed to speed up their business.

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