Development of mycelium protein through fermentation

Patented technology based on the circular economy, delivering health for people and sustainability for the planet!

Introducing Typcal, a Brazilian pioneering foodtech company specializing in alternative protein. Their journey began in 2021 with a focus on plant-based products; however, they swiftly recognized the limitations within that category – processed food, high costs, lack of a clean label, and minimal environmental impact. In response, they embarked on a mission to revolutionize the industry by developing a groundbreaking technology that utilizes mycelium to replicate whole cuts. While their technology is currently patent pending, they're excited to announce the availability of their first product. Not only does it match the affordability of traditional meat, but it also boasts just three ingredients, making it a healthier alternative to any other protein option on the market.

Yet, Typcal's ambition extends beyond consumer products. They aspire to contribute to the B2B market by creating a mycelium protein in collaboration with the food and meat industry, enhancing the quality of their products. To produce this protein, Typcal utilizes discarded yeast from breweries as a substrate for the mycelium, promoting sustainability and resource efficiency.

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