Bialtec develops complex encapsulated animal feed ingredients called microbiomes. Their innovative microbiomes can replace the current standard addition of antibiotic growth promoters and, furthermore, improve nutrient absorption and reduce the manure, simply by reconfiguring the gut microbiome. Bialtec's microbiomes improve the efficiency of the feed-to-meat conversion, and provide better gastrointestinal health for the animals.


"The growth of the population demands a greater production of food and more protein. Everyone talks about the protein of the future, but which will it be? We believe it will be the most sustainable – affordable, less use of natural resources (grains and cereals), less emissions (waste and GHG), and free of harmful chemical molecules to human, animal, and environmental health such as antibiotics growth promoters. We have found that there is a common factor to those sustainability criteria in the production of animal protein, and it is the animal's intestines. For us, intestines are a bioreactor so, if we can control it and predict the intestinal microbiome, we will be able to produce a more sustainable protein.

This is the reason why we created a bioinformatic platform for the design and production of precision microencapsulated microbiomes for animals, capable of reconfiguring the intestinal microbiome towards a more efficient and healthier one, maximizing the absorption of nutrients and health, and minimizing the environmental impact. Our precision microencapsulated microbiomes are a protected feed additive complex to add in the manufacture of animal feed able to endure the thermal and digestive process to be released in the intestine in a controlled way."