AXS ICT   +31 (0)88 1123123

Planet has an exclusive arrangement with AXS, an independent firm specialised in ICT for multi-tenant buildings, for providing ICT-related services.

Each tenant gets its own separate network (VLAN). This network can be accessed via the network ports in the rented space as well as via WiFi ( Access to the WiFi network is user-based. Each user receives a personal password with which a maximum of 3 devices can be activated on the wireless network. Users can be (de)activated by the main contact person.

The standard speed of the network is 5 Mb. This is sufficient speed for regular office work. The bandwidth can be increased. Various other options can also be purchased. See here for the complete menu. A separate WiFi network is available for visitors ( Guests). The speed of this network is 2 Mb.

Every user can, if desired, make use of the central printer/scanner. There are no fixed costs involved. The costs per print/scan are listed on the menu. Finally, AXS ICT offers a complete package of ICT services for SMEs.