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Unlock the potential of your biomass feedstock, convert your feedstock to the required product or kickstart the decision making to commercial scale.

The BioProcess Pilot Facility (BPF) is right next door to the building Planet is located in. The BPF is specialized to adapt to your specific piloting needs and allows you to bridge the gap between development and commercial scale production. The first-rate facilities, combined with the expertise in fermentation, downstream processing and bio-process piloting experience, helps you to step up to production at commercial scale.

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Looking for a place to build your own office building or (demo) production plant?

If you want to grow your biotech business, the Biotech Campus Delft is the place to be! We offer 9 hectares of greenfield, providing a unique opportunity for new developments, whether new offices, labs or new production facilities. You will be located right at the center of all the knowledge, talents, infrastructure and permits available at the Biotech campus and the Delft University of Technology. Moreover, you will appreciate the location, directly adjacent to the city center of Delft, easy to reach by public transport, and right in the vibrant western part of the Netherlands.

Interested in building your own office building or production plant?

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