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Scale up your business with the support of the Planet ecosystem.

We understand that your business is one of the most important things in your life. We also understand that creating a new or innovative business in biotech is not easy. It is our mission to support you to make your business dreams come true!

  • Support for young businesses
    Yes!Delft is the reputable incubator of the Delft University of Technology. We created a ‘biotech vertical’ and offer new businesses a variety of hands-on programs to start, validate and grow your business. We also offer you access to experienced business mentors.

  • Technical support
    The DSM Biotechnology Centre at the Biotech Campus Delft houses over 400 scientists with expertise in all areas of Biotechnology. Ranging from bioinformatics, analytics, fermentation, down stream processing and application. We actively promote collaborations and mentoring between Planet and DSM scientists.
  • Commercial support
    The Planet team has a broad network in the world of biotech. In particular DSM, one of the founding partners of Planet and present on the Biotech Campus Delft, can offer valuable commercial support and business opportunities.

  • Financial support
    We know, scaling up a biotech business is expensive. We support you in finding the right route to financing your business. We can connect you to dedicated biotech investment funds, angels, and even have set up a voucher system with the province of South Holland to provide financial support for companies that join the Planet ecosystem.

  • Inspiration and Collaboration
    We all know how important it is to connect and learn from each other. Yet, it does not come naturally when you are busy growing your business. The Planet team invests actively in organizing events and creating opportunities to connect and meet your neighbors at the Biotech Campus Delft!

  • Talents
    If your business grows you need new employees. We collaborate with different schools and universities in the region at different education levels, to link you to interns with the right skills. Planet collaborates particularly closely with the scientists from Delft University of Technology, offering a variety of opportunities for research and internships.

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