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Scale up your business with the support of the Planet ecosystem.

We understand that your business is one of the most important things in your life. We also understand that creating a new or innovative business in biotech is not easy. It is our mission to support you to make your business dreams come true!

  • Establishing your business
    Successfully setting up a business in a new environment is never easy. Together with its partners, Planet will help you solve your questions on legal requirements, tax rates, customs differences and all things related to relocation.

  • Support for young businesses
    Planet offers access to experienced business and technical mentors to help kick off and grow your business! Additionally, we can facilitate a connection to YES!Delft, the reputable tech incubator of the Delft University of Technology, and its multiple start-up programs.

  • Scale up your business
    The BioProcess Pilot Facility (BPF) is right next door to Planet, and caters for your technical scale up needs. The BPF has a broad range of pilot scale equipment and in-house expertise to help you get from lab to industrial scale production. Additionally, our campus has 9 hectares of greenfield available, providing a unique opportunity for new developments, whether that means new production facilities, offices or labs. 

  • Technical expertise
    Building on the rich campus history, biotech expertise (bioinformatics, analytics, fermentation, downstream processing and application) is largely available at our Campus in Delft. Starting with the DSM Biotechnology Centre, which houses over 400 scientists, following with the multitude of biotech R&D companies joining our premises and supported by the rich expertise at Delft University of Technology, there won’t be a question we can’t solve! We actively promote discussions and collaborations among the different members of our technical community.

  • Commercial and Legal support
    Whether it is via someone in our community or part of our broad network of service providers, the Planet team can introduce you to valuable commercial- and legal support.

  • Funding and Financial support
    We know, growing a biotech business is expensive. Therefore, we support you in finding the right route to financing your business. We can connect you to dedicated biotech investment funds, angels, and even have set up a voucher system with the province of South Holland to provide financial support for companies that join the Planet ecosystem.

  • Analytical support and services
    Planet has a broad network of analytical experts who can help solve your questions and open to lead you to the right partner for measurements, either on campus or off-site.

  • Inspiration and Collaboration
    We all know how important it is to connect and learn from each other. Yet, it does not come naturally when you are busy growing your business. The Planet team actively invests in organizing events and creating opportunities to connect and meet your neighbors at the Biotech Campus Delft in contexts that are relevant for your business!

  • Talents
    When your business grows you need new employees. We collaborate with different service providers, schools and universities in the region at different education levels, to provide you with the right fit to talent. Whether that is an intern or a new employee, we got you covered!

Finally, we can always connect you to people or expertise available at one of our five founding partners; DSM, the Delft University of Technology, the municipality of Delft, the province of South Holland, and InnovationQuarter.

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