FUL Foods | Algae: nature’s superheroes

Three young entrepreneurs, an international competition and a rock-solid idea led to the birth of FUL Foods: a startup that makes food ingredients using microalgae. Healthy, nutritious, and an ingenious way to fight climate change. The first products are being developed and are deliciously tong-tickling. Co-founder Cristina Prat is ready for the future: “We see FUL Foods as part of a wide-scale movement to reshape our food system.”

LTR: Julia Streuli, Sara Guaglio, Cristina Prat

The INSEAD Venture Competition is a biennial competition where enterprising students from around the world pitch their business ideas. The FUL Foods team, consisting of Cristina and her co-founders Julia Streuli and Sara Guaglio, wins the competition and with that the prize money. “That gave us the push we needed. After winning, we decided to move to the Netherlands, to be closer to the Foodvalley ecosystem and make our vision a reality.” This was quickly followed by renting out suitable lab space at the Biotech Campus Delft, a place where FUL Foods can belong to a real biotech community. “When we met the team from Planet B.io at the Biotech Campus Delft, we knew right away that this was the place for us.”

Food revolution

Microscopic algae, or microalgae, are the most nutritious and underutilized resources on earth. FUL Foods’ complex bio-refining technology focuses mainly on enhancing nutrient functionality, sustainability and taste. “Microalgae don’t need arable land and they produce more than half of the oxygen we breathe!

Ivana Mik, Lead food scientist at FUL Foods

Our vision is to transform consumption into a means to address climate change by producing foods that net benefit the planet ” says Cristina. FUL Foods has developed a nutritious ingredient packed with vitamins, minerals antioxidants and plant protein that  can be integrated into various products. “Our market entry strategy starts with FUL Supertonic, a highly functional and sustainable microalgae drink.” FUL Foods will start with a refreshing drink, but will expand considerably in the coming years: from protein bars to veggie burgers ingredients.

Back to nature and beyond

There is a lot of activity at FUL Foods. A patent application has been filed for the technology, the ingredient has undergone further development and the process is being industrialized. “We are currently doing consumer testing and working on our commercial launch. In 2021, FUL Supertonic will be available on the website, at food service suppliers, in restaurants and at targeted retail outlets.” FUL Foods is sustainable, technologically advanced and, of course, groundbreaking. Onward to the new standard for sustainability and nutrition. Onward to tasty products full of healthy ingredients.


For more info on FUL Foods, check out their website.