Planet joins Dutch BioPort Region

Recently Planet officially joined the Dutch BioPort Region, the Hotspot for Biobased Business. In collaboration with InnovationQuarter, Bioprocess Pilot Facility, Province of South-Holland, Port of Rotterdam and Circular Biobased Delta, the region developed a biobased proposition for the South-west part of the Netherlands.

The Dutch BioPort Region is the place to be for companies that want to produce value-added clean products, fuels and energy, based on circular and biobased resources. 

The BioPort Region provides good access to renewable feedstock, interesting markets and many potential partners to work with. Highly skilled talent is available. The region is dedicated to building a futureproof industry that proactively contributes to a sustainable society and a strong economy.

Interested to learn more about the uniqueness of our region? And do you want to grow your biobased business?
The Dutch BioPort Region offers opportunities to scale your business in all phases of growth.

More information can be found in the flyer or by contacting:

Innovation Quarter