Successful delivery Advanced Course on Bioprocess Design

Last week Planet hosted the Advanced Course on Bioprocess Design (4 – 8 Oct. 2021) on the Biotech Campus Delft, organized by BioTech Delft. During this course 27 participants - 16 on site and 11 online – from industry and universities participated.

The course aimed to familiarize participants with the design of innovative microbial fermentations, for bio-products such as amino acids and monomers for bio-plastics, complemented with examples of marine and mammalian processes, for micro-algae products and bio-pharmaceuticals.

Faculty staff, together with invited (inter)national experts from leading universities and industries in the bioprocess field, offered a combination of lectures, exercises and demonstrations, providing latest insights in technology innovations, non-conventional feedstocks and new bio-product categories, complemented with views from the industrial practice.

Learning about the state-of-the-art in bioprocesses triggered new ideas to make advances in my work and contribute to expand the knowledge of the field.”
 Carlos Serrano Fajardo


In their courses, BioTech Delft invites a wide variety of influential, international lecturers from universities and industries who present their vision on biotechnology and share their expertise. The Advanced Courses are short, in-depth courses, which are full-time and delivered in a timespan of either one or two weeks.

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Planet and BioTech Delft offer the companies associated to Planet a special rate for courses organised by BioTech Delft. SMEs settled at the Biotech Campus Delft will receive up to 50% discount, all other SMEs receive a discount of 30%. Details may vary per course.

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