Boosting the protein transition in South Holland

Updated, May 9 - The Province of South Holland aims to become one of the core regions in the field of alternative proteins. Recently, Planet together with Innovation Quarter took the initiative to start a consortium of regional frontrunners to help realize this ambition: Protein Port. The initiative is supported through a grant from the Province of South Holland.  

Protein Port aims to lay a solid foundation for an active regional ecosystem for the protein transition. Already 30 parties have pledged an in-kind contribution, which shows that there is a need for ecosystem development. Planet together with Innovation Quarter will fulfill the role of driving and coordinating the initiatve. For 2022, the aim to lay the basis for a regional ecosystem for alternative proteins; develop a joint acceleration agenda for the next 4 years; market South Holland as a leading region for alternative proteins; and strengthen innovation services and infrastructure. 

Sustainable protein alternatives

To provide the growing world population with sufficient protein in the future while staying within the limits of our planet, a transition is needed from animal to sustainable plant-based and alternative protein sources. This has led to a worldwide boost in activities in research and development, entrepreneurship, and investment. The Dutch government has published a national protein strategy, supporting the importance of this field. 

South Holland as a leading region

Recent research by TNO and InnovationQuarter concluded that South Holland is in a strong position to contribute to the protein transition, particularly for the development of alternative proteins such as cultivated proteins, fermented proteins, and aquatic plant proteins. The existing centers of gravity at the Biotech Campus Delft, BlueCity in Rotterdam, and the Campus@Sea in Scheveningen offer an excellent starting position to build a strong network of companies, knowledge institutions, and public parties. Together we can boost the potential of the growing sector of alternative proteins to our region and capture the value from cooperation and innovation. 

Protein Port Kickoff Event (June 1)

On June 1 we organized the Portein Port Kickoff Event. The event offered an inspiring opportunity to:

  • Connect with other frontrunners and enabling organizations in the alternative protein space;
  • Identify the needs to be successful and how the network can support;
  • Explore how South Holland can realize its full potential as a hotspot for alternative proteins.

Watch this short recap for an impression:

Get in touch 

The Protein Port network focuses on building the ecosystem in South Holland, but we are interested to invite alternative protein players from outside the province as well. Do you want to know more about Protein Port or how you can contribute? Please contact us via