Planet partners with Quality Control Laboratory ‘SLD’

At Planet, we firmly believe that progress is best achieved through collaboration and fruitful partnerships. That is why we actively seek out opportunities to partner with esteemed service providers who are trusted by our cherished community members. In that spirit, we are happy to announce our collaboration with Service Laboratory Delft ‘SLD’– the Quality Control Laboratory for Food, Feed & Pharma, based on the Biotech Campus Delft.

With a team of approximately 40 highly skilled professionals, Service Lab Delft is renowned for its expertise in quality control. Accredited with ISO-17025, they offer a wide range of services tailored to the specific needs of the Planet community, including their comprehensive suite of approximately 300 different analyses, covering in-process and release testing, method development and outsourcing support.

Conveniently located as an on-site neighbour within the Biotech Campus Delft, SLD serves as a one-stop shop for quality control needs. With their efficient services, Planet community members can simply drop off their samples, and they will take care of the rest. Their full-service approach goes beyond analyses, providing comprehensive aftercare to support you throughout the entire process.

The advantages of partnering with Service Laboratory Delft for Planet community members are vast and transformative:


  • Physical Proximity: Residents can conveniently "drop by" the lab, fostering seamless communication, and facilitating discussions and alignments that are crucial for successful collaboration.
  • Personal Interaction: Direct face-to-face interactions with the experts at Service Laboratory Delft enable a deep level of engagement, ensuring that individual needs and requirements are met with precision and personalized attention.
  • Comprehensive Service: Service Laboratory Delft goes beyond mere analysis by offering prior discussions and advice on methods, interpreting results, providing guidelines for experiments and sample handling, and more. This holistic approach ensures Planet community members receive comprehensive support throughout their projects.
  • Unmatched Speed: Through this partnership, community members gain access to rapid analysis results, with certain tests yielding outcomes within days rather than weeks. This accelerated pace significantly enhances the efficiency and productivity of their research endeavours.
  • Cost Advantage: While the exact pricing comparison is yet to be determined, Service Laboratory Delft's specialization in bulk analyses, such as amino acids, suggests that their services may be more cost-effective compared to other labs. This advantage empowers residents to optimize their budgets without compromising on quality.

"Through conversations with our residents, we discovered common hurdles related to analysis like high costs, lengthy processes, and logistical complexities," explains Maria Cuellar-Soares, Science & Technology Officer at Planet "By partnering with Service Laboratory Delft, community members can unburden their operations and focus on their core objectives, such as research and development or scaling up their initiatives."

“We are happy with the overall service, pro-active mentality and good communication with SLD. Requests for routine analyses are handled very professionally. Moreover, we recently jointly developed an analytical method within a short timeframe, which largely contributed to shortening the experiment cycles in our projects,” says Alessandro Brewster from, the company for facilitating ground-breaking process intensification in extractive fermentation located in Planet

‘Service Lab Delft offers more than just analysis, we provide full-service care,’ explains Bas van der Steen, dsm-ferminich Regional Operations Quality manager, Europe and amongst others responsible for the management of the SLD. ‘Because obtaining a result is only the beginning — understanding its true meaning and explaining it to you is what sets us apart. By offering our services to external entities, we ensure that we remain at the forefront of industry developments while keeping our team motivated.’

Opportunities for West - Incentive Scheme for Biobased Industry
Do you have a great idea for a new biobased or circular product/process, and looking for funding? The Opportunities for West voucher scheme for activities that contribute to the transition to an industry based on biobased processes and raw materials, might be something for you!

This accessible scheme is designed to enable SMEs to further develop or scaleup their biobased production processes, products or innovations. This includes the use of Biotech Campus Delft’s facilities, such as Service Lab Delft.
The deadline for submission is September 15th, 2023!


For more info about the possibilities, please contact Jasper Driessen, Business Developer at Planet