Protein Port Kickoff Event (June 1)

Date:       Wednesday, June 1, 13:00-16:00h, followed by drinks and networking until 17:00h.
Venue:    The Penthouse, on the 40th floor of The Hague Tower

South Holland is well-positioned to become a key region in the rapidly developing field of alternative proteins, in particular cultivated proteins, fermented proteins, and aquatic plant proteins. Protein Port is a new initiative to strengthen the ecosystem to boost innovation for alternative proteins in South Holland. Read more...

The Kickoff Event offers an inspiring opportunity to:

  • Connect with other frontrunners and enabling organizations in the alternative protein space;
  • Identify the needs to be successful and how the network can support;
  • Explore how South Holland can realize its full potential as a hotspot for alternative proteins.

It's shaping up to be an interactive and inspiring afternoon.



  • 12:00 - Registration, sandwiches and coffee
  • 13:00 - Welcome and introduction - Cindy Gerhardt, Planet
  • 13:10 - Who is who in the protein ecosystem: short introductions All attendees
  • 13:40 - Sustainable proteins in South Holland Nikos van Aelst, Province of South-Holland
  • 13:45 - Protein transition in South Holland: State of play and opportunities - Finn Speijer, TNO & Anne-Claire van Altvorst, InnovationQuarter
  • 14:00 - Introducing the roundtables
  • 14:15 - Break
  • 14:40 - Roundtables: Boosting the protein transition, together
  • 15:30 - Discussion
  • 15:55 - Closing - Cindy Gerhardt
  • 16:00 - 17:00u - Networking and drinks


Roundtable topics and hosts

The 7 roundtables will hosted by frontrunner companies in the protein transition:

    1. Talent
      hosted by Feike van der Leij, Professor Health & Food Inholland University of Applied Sciences

    2. Production & Technical Scaleup
      hosted by Peter Rowe, CEO Deep Branch

    3. Research & Innovation
      host yet to be confirmed

    4. Product Development
      hosted by Maria Tzoumaki, Head of Food Science FUL Foods 

    5. Commercial Collaboration
      hosted by Jim Laird, CEO Enough

    6. Commercialization
      hosted by Hans HuistraCOO Meatable 

    7. External Financing
      hosted by Robert Boer, Program Director Blue Horizon and Bas van Vugt, Venture Partner / Executive Director, Rabo Frontier Ventures


The following parties have already pledged their contribution to Protein Port and confirmed their presence at the Kickoff Meeting:


Photo and video 

During the event, we will take pictures and videos. If you do not wish to appear recognizable, please let us know at the registration. 


Join us

Are you an organization active in the field of protein transition and did you not receive an invitation? Please get in touch via