Vivici: Revolutionizing Dairy Protein Production for a Sustainable Future

In a world dealing with the environmental impact of traditional animal agriculture, B2B ingredients company Vivici is dedicated to transforming the landscape of dairy protein production. The Planet resident, driven by a mission for planet-friendly nutrition, uses precision fermentation to create superior dairy proteins, specifically focusing on the whey complex.

We had the opportunity to sit down with Madison Clarke, Business Development Manager of Vivici, to learn more about the company and the exiting milestones that lie ahead.   

“At Vivici, our mission is to make the promise of dairy protein from precision fermentation a commercial reality to meet the world’s growing need for nutritious, functional and sustainably-produced proteins,” Madison explains. “We are a B2B ingredients company, rather than just a technology company. This means we acknowledge the critical importance of technology but also striving to apply our ingredients philosophy when working with customers. We aim to provide end-to-end solutions, understanding and solving customer problems in a way that aligns with our commitment to using high-quality ingredients to produce beautiful products for consumers.”

In contrast to many precision fermentation players that traditionally function as technology-focused companies with a strong emphasis on engineering and production processes, Vivici distinguishes itself by prioritizing commercialization and customer collaboration. “We've established and expanded our functionality and application team located in NIZO, Institute for Health and Nutrition in Ede. This team focuses on deeply understanding the functionality of our ingredients, and understanding how our ingredients can perform exceptionally in a range of applications,” Madison continues. “Their role extends to supporting customers in the development process, providing technical assistance throughout. This customer-centric approach sets us apart in the precision fermentation landscape.”

With strategic support from founding investors dsm-firmenich Venturing and Fonterra, Vivici leverages decades of experience in developing and scaling bioprocesses and holds world-leading knowledge in the isolation and application of dairy proteins. Madison highlights, "In Delft, we have an experienced management team that has brought biotechnology to market, and built ingredients businesses before. There's a strong understanding of what is required to scale up and commercialize ingredients and what is required to continually work successfully with customers."

“Vivici's journey is not just about revolutionizing dairy protein production but also about shaping a future where sustainability and innovation go hand in hand."

In February this year, Vivici brought its first product to market, a nature-equivalent whey protein, beta-lactoglobulin. Beta-lactoglobulin is the major whey protein found in cow’s milk– whey itself accounts for about 20% of the proteins in dairy, with casein protein being the other major protein. Vivici claims that beta-lactoglobulin is nutritionally superior to most proteins, specifically plant proteins and in some cases dairy proteins, and boasts gelling, foaming and emulsification properties that help provide enhanced mouthfeel and texture to a range of food and beverage applications. “2024 will be a year full of key milestones,” Madison shares proudly. “Vivici is currently fermenting at 120m3. We are producing food grade product for customers and have a manufacturing plan to scale further in 2024-2025. Production will continue in Europe for now, and in 2025 we will transition to a partner in the US.

Vivici has self-affirmed GRAS in the USA and is open to collaborating with food and beverage manufacturers looking to explore how whey protein from fermentation can add transformational value to their brands and applications. “The biggest opportunity for whey protein from fermentation for us is in the health and wellness market," Madison continues. Vivici will target applications like protein powders, protein drinks, protein bars, as well as alternative dairy products such as ice cream, cream cheese, milk, and yogurt.

Despite their already hectic schedule, Vivici is about to go through Series A, emphasizing the importance of raising capital to unlock further potential and accelerate growth, part of which is bringing further ingredients to market “We have our second ingredient in our R&D pipeline, which we are targeting to bring to market in 2025. Through our partnership with Ginkgo Bioworks, we are complementing our own capabilities to develop strains needed to produce and commercialize Lactoferrin,” Madison commented. 

To overcome the industry challenge of introducing a new concept like whey protein from fermentation to consumers, Vivici actively participates in industry alliances such as Food Fermentation Europe and Precision Fermentation Alliance in the US. Madison envisions Vivici as the leading supplier of dairy proteins produced by precision fermentation, consistently producing a variety of proteins, contributing to a sustainable and thriving food system that is better for the planet and everyone on it. “Vivici's journey is not just about revolutionizing dairy protein production but also about shaping a future where sustainability and innovation go hand in hand,” she concludes.



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