Year in review: Planet highlights in 2021

The beginning of a new year is a great opportunity to take stock of the one that has just ended.
Despite the challenges that 2021 (again) brought, our biotech community in Delft has continued to grow successfully. We are proud to now have 18 amazing companies on campus! 2022 will be dedicated to further expand the Planet community, both on the Biotech Campus Delft and outside.

We have gathered the year’s highlights in the overview below, which shows some of 2021’s high moments, new residents and partners, new working groups, projects or publications, news that you may have missed or forgotten as you follow our channels throughout the year.

Take a quick look at some of the highlights of the past year and join us in celebrating these successes.


January 2021: Official launch of the Artificial Intelligence for Biosciences ( lab, in which Delft University of Technology and DSM engage to develop bio-based products and processes faster and smarter applying artificial intelligence.

February 2021: As part of the VNO NCW national biotech committee, we finalize the Biotech Future Pact. 

February 2021: Planet joins network of community managers in Delft, representing TU Delft Campus, YES!Delft, Next Delft, Buccaneer Delft, RoboHouse and Municipality of Delft.

March 2021: Grand finale Meat Replacement Start-up Challenge sponsored by DSM and ran by Planet together with YES!Delft. Shiru is the proud winner.

March 2021: Deep Branch Announces €8M Series A Round led by DSM Venturing and Novo Holdings.

April 2021: Managing Director Cindy Gerhardt joins the board of BioTech Delft (Advanced biotech courses from Delft University of Technology), further strengthening the education connection between Planet and Delft University of Technology.

April 2021: Carbon dioxide recycling company Deep Branch & VitroTEM join Planet

May 2021: We open our new social area on the second floor, designed with Vakwerk architects from Delft.

May 2021: We welcome Cindy Kersemeijer, our new dedicated Planet assistant.

June 2021: We welcome Maria Cuellar-Soares, our new Science and Technology Officer.

June 2021: The foundation Planet celebrates its first birthday.

July 2021: Delivery of the renovated third floor in the Beijerinck Center.

July 2021: CE Delft becomes new research partner for the biobased industries growth voucher.

August 2021: We welcome Cradle as our first synbio and machine-learning startup.

September 2021: First PDEng student co-funded by DSM NL Kickstart Fund, Top Consortium for Knowledge and Innovation (TKI) and Planet to support the scaleup of Deep Branch.

September 2021: Our first ‘Summer BBQ’ for our residents is a great success.

September 2021: DSM announces investment in Meatable.

October 2021: Planet contributes to three Nationaal Groeifonds proposals (Biotech Booster, Switch2SustainableFoodSystems and Cellular Agriculture).

October 2021: The renovation and refurbishment of the Beijerinck Center is completed ahead of original planning.

October 2021: Planet organises a pre-conference webinar, attends EFIB2021, runs the Startup Village and also gives a presentation when visiting (Vienna, Austria).

October 2021: Planet hosts the BioTech Delft course Advanced Course on Bioprocess Design on the Biotech Campus Delft. During this course 27 participants - 16 on site and 11 online – from industry and universities participate.

November 2021: Planet organizes the Let's Talk seminar ‘See Further, Learn Faster’ on R&D data for industrial biotech by Thomas Treynor.

November 2021: In collaboration with DSM and Delft University of Technology, the first Artificial Intelligence Lab for Biosciences (AI4bio) webinar is organized.

December 2021: We organize our annual Christmas gathering for our residents, which takes place online. Highlights are shared and we enjoy a fun Christmas Pubquiz.

December 2021: First 2 Delft University of Technology pre-startups were granted an amount of €50.000,- from the DSM NL Kickstart Fund to support their Proof-of-Principle activities.