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Vacancy Science & Technology Officer Planet

Are you an enthusiastic, science-driven professional, that believes in the power of collaboration in order to create a better world with biotech?  

Planet, the innovation and networking hub at…

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Biotech Campus Delft artist impression van de campus

Planet to partner with a.s.r. to continue growth innovation ecosystem on Biotech Campus Delft

In 2020, the non-profit organization Planet was established to develop the Biotech Campus Delft (BCD) into an open innovation campus for industrial biotechnology. Planet, founded and financially supported…

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Team Natures Principles

Nature’s Principles: sustainable lactic acid production


At Nature's Principles, they pioneer the circular production of biobased chemicals by using unique fermentation technologies. The Dutch start-up, that recently became a Planet member, is using open mixed…

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Untitled design 18

Two TU Delft pre-startups granted within DSM NL Kickstart Fund

In 2020, DSM NL established the Kickstart Fund to support the ecosystem around Planet and the Biotech Campus Delft. With a total annual budget of 200 k€, the Fund…

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Vitrotem USA

VitroTEM's Naiad tour showcases revolutionary graphene liquid cell fabrication technology across top US research institutes

In March 2023, the VitroTEM team embarked on a tour of several prestigious research institutes across the United States. The purpose of this tour was to showcase their latest innovation,…

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