Let's Talk B.io | CE Delft | 2 September 2021

From September 2021 on, Planet B.io will organize and facilitate various events with a trending or overarching theme to connect companies, researchers, and external stakeholders, enabling them to exchange their scientific and practical knowledge, to acquire new knowledge, create new collaborations or get to know each other better.

We will kick off our monthly recurring ‘Let’s Talk B.io’ event series with an introduction and 1:1 with our new research partner for the Biobased Industries Growth Voucher – CE Delft.


Ingrid Odegard, Senior researcher/consultant and theme lead Food Chains and Isabel Nieuwenhuijse, researcher/consultant at the Energy and Industry team at CE Delft will

  • Give an overview of what CE Delft is about
  • Which type of projects they can support you with under the Growth voucher
  • Explain the value of a Life Cycle Assessment, with an emphasis on biotech start- and scale-ups. 

After the plenary introduction you and your colleagues will have the opportunity to follow up with Ingrid and Isabel to discuss your research project with them 1:1.  


Interested to have a follow up 1:1 discussion with Ingrid Odegard and Isabel Nieuwenhuijse that same afternoon? Please contact Maria Cuellar-Soares, Science & Technology Officer at Planet B.io, to schedule your discussion with CE Delft.


About CE Delft
Through its independent research and consultancy work CE Delft is helping build a sustainable world. In the fields of transport, energy and industrial raw materials their expertise is leading-edge. With their wealth of know-how on economics, technology and policy issues they support government agencies, NGOs and industries in pursuit of structural change. And now also your biobased business!

About the Growth Voucher
The growth voucher is to be used by SMEs based at the Bioprocess Pilot Facility or at Planet B.io, to obtain support in a research project from DSM, TU Delft or CE Delft, to grow their biobased business case. Vouchers are used to finance research on solving techno-economic bottlenecks of a product or process of the SME or to provide support in the pre-piloting phase (final research work before pilot trials can start). A growth voucher amounts to a maximum of 100% of the eligible costs excluding VAT, with a maximum amount of €15.000.